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We are Addicted to the Internet

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First of all, if you are streaming us, kudos to you! We spend a lot of time on the internet. Check out some random facts about our internet use:

--Over 2 MILLION things are searched for on Google.

--48 HOURS worth of new video is uploaded to YouTube.

--We send over 204 MILLION emails.

--Facebook users share 684,000 pieces of content . . . including pictures and messages.

--Twitter users post more than 100,000 Tweets.

--Consumers spend about $272,000 online shopping. That's every MINUTE. So over the course of a day, that's around $390 MILLION.

--217 new users start accessing the Internet with things like smartphones and iPads.

--Instagram users share 3,600 new photos.

--And 571 new websites are created. So over 800,000 a day, or 300 MILLION a year.


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