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Utah's favorite morning show is back on the air, now on Rewind 100.7! Listen weekday mornings starting Monday, March 3 from 6-10 a.m.

Todd Collard's bio (as written by Erin)

The Todd is the master of planning ahead--trust me, you want to be in his lifeboat...though he's likely the reason the ship sank and you're in the lifeboat in the first place. After graduating in Forestry & Wildlife Management in Maine, you can see it's completely logical that he would head directly to stand-up comedy; opening for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, George Carlin and Billy Crystal. The Todd was naive and trusting enough to actually believe his first GM in radio when he told him "Hey, it's easy and only like 4 hours a day!"

After 25 years in Salt Lake City radio, the man has a long resume:

• Raised millions of dollars for local charites
• Led a fleet of 18 wheeler tractor trailers from Salt Lake to Oklahoma City with relief supplies raised by our listeners for the tornado victims.
• Was Knighted by the Queen of England. Three times.
• Won the Nobel Science Prize for his experients with refrigerator mold colonies.
• Accepted Redbook Magazine's "Hunk Husband" Award of 2012
Okay, I might have made some of those up. But the man rules. Trust me, I've been married to him for 18 years--3 kids and an emotionally needy Portuguese Waterdog later--The Todd is more amazing than ever.


Erin Collard's bio (as written by Todd)

Erin is the only person I know who can weep uncontrollably at a commercial about taco chips. And her sense of humor is even weirder (who laughs until she's crying while watching a video about ducks at the DMV? I mean, really? I don't get it either.)

After graduating with degrees in Journalism and Pre-Law, Erin left TV reporting to head for radio when she realized she'd never have to figure out a matching outfit at 4am again. She's a great mom to our twin sons and toddler daughter, but the only room in the house she doesn't know about is the kitchen, which Erin still refers to as "the room with the big cold box." But what she lacks in cooking skills she makes up for with her undying love of nougat--you know, the stuff in a Mars candy bar?

Follow her obsessive blogging about family, life and raccoon attacks at The Todd & Erin Favorite Five


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